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Here are three support groups that are easily accessible and continuously welcome new members:

Clutters Anonymous Meetings

Clutters Anonymous (CLA) offers free recurring meetings for its members. CLA schedules physical, virtual, and phone meetings every week. These meetings are intended to be a safe space for members to work together to utilize the twelve steps and twelve traditions to take control of their clutter situation. CLA offers different types of meetings, including traditional support groups, victories and goals sessions, organizing practice, and guided meditation/mindfulness. All CLA meetings offer assistance to anyone who’s struggling with chronic disorganization.

Steri-Clean Inc. Hoarders Support Groups

Steri-Clean, Inc. offers support to people who struggle with hoarding disorder by providing hoarding cleanup, item recovery, and an online hoarding support group. The support group meets every Sunday and Tuesday, using a web-based chat client. The group is completely anonymous, so anyone can feel comfortable talking about their struggles regarding hoarding disorder. Steri-Clean offers services and support to anyone who suffers from hoarding disorder or who has a loved one who’s affected by it.

Release Repurpose Clutter Support Groups

Clear Space for You is an online clutter support group that meets once a week for four weeks for an hour and is run by Diane Quintana and Jonda Beattie. The group is limited  to four participants to create a  safe  semiprivate space in which to share weekly wins and challenges. Diane and Jonda intentionally keep the group small so that each person receives plenty of individualized attention. In addition to individualized attention, each participant also receives a weekly journal where Diane and Jonda record the person’s comments and a thirty-minute private phone consultation scheduled during the third or fourth session.

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