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"Take a moment and think about your environment.  Your home, your workplace, your car.  Do these places bring you a sense of peace or unease?  Are they streamlined or overflowing with clutter?  Are there boxes and bins that haven’t been opened since the last move or clothes you haven’t worn in years?

I’m joined today by Jill Yesko, who helps her clients work through all of these scenarios and more.  She has experience in social work and Human Resources management, but left those careers behind to start her company, Discover Organizing, 18 years ago.  While her expertise is as a Certified Professional Organizer, she’s a savvy entrepreneur, speaker, and as of this recording, an author.  And as you’ll soon hear, she expertly balances empathy with productivity, supporting her clients while getting the job done.

We cover a range of topics including:

  • The types of clutter and root causes

  • The tipping point that moves people to work with a professional organizer

  • How to work through clutter overwhelm and avoid backsliding once progress is made

  • Actionable steps for listeners to tackle problem areas, including digital clutter

We end this episode with our Dose of Inspiration segment, where Jill shares some of the things that are lighting her up these days.

I love the depth of this conversation and was amazed at how much of the dialogue revolved around emotion – to possessions, to habits and to change.  The process of simplifying is very much a wellness practice."